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John McPherson

CrossFit has been his sole and principal strength and conditioning program for over 15 years and credits CrossFit with keeping him injury free and healthy since retiring from the military. He grew up with a passion for competitive athletics from a young age, excelling in baseball and swimming, while also playing a variety of sports over the years, including soccer, basketball, rugby, track and field, and competitive shooting. After leaving the military in 2007, John started teaching CrossFit in Houston to anyone and everyone that would listen. In about a year the program out grew his tiny rented space inside of a “globo gym” and forced him to outfit a top-tier functional fitness gym dedicated to CrossFit in 2008. His goal is to share his broad training experience with everyone that wants to make a positive change in their health, life and fitness. John is one of two Level 4 CrossFit Coaches in Texas. His experience, training approach and willingness to always help anyone that is willing to put in the work will ensure that you reach your training goals efficiently and safely.

Our Coaches

Maureen Triller

CrossFit Level 2 Coach


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