Yoga with Coach Holly @ P3 CrossFit...

With 10 years of teaching experience in both a classroom and in the gym, Holly has found a true passion for helping people access the tools they already have within them to balance their bodies and feel better across all dimensions of their lives.

After years of Crossfit and weight training, Holly began to dabble in yoga; at first only intrigued by the physical practice. She quickly completed her 200 hour RYT teacher training and discovered the true depth and beauty a yoga practice can bring... Beyond just a physical practice.

Holly's focus and teaching style are born from the search to find a way to balance and strengthen the body while incorporating an awareness of mindful movements and breath.

From handstands to restorative poses, she is excited to offer an appropriate class for anyone, at any level, at any point in their life.

The atmosphere is inclusive, non-judgmental, open, informative and empowering!

Saturday @ 10:45am - Power Flow
Power Flow is a fast-paced flow filled with multiple options for upscaling or downscaling. From arm balances to inversions and backbends, this is the class to come play and try something new!
Intensity level: 6-8
Sundays @ 2pm - Fundamentals of Flexibility
Fundamentals of Flexibility is a slower-paced flow focused on increasing flexibility and range of motion by finding correct form in various poses and holding them long enough to truly benefit from them.
Intensity level: 4-6
Thursdays @ 7:15pm - Restorative
Restorative yoga is a new experience for most people, it is the practice of guided relaxation and restoration. A very slow moving class with poses being gentle and healing for the body.
Intensity level: 2-4
Always check the P3 CrossFit Class Schedule for the most up to date class information.

P3 CrossFit Members:

$10 per class (drop-in)

$40 per month (month to month, as many Yoga Classes as you want to attend)

Non-P3 CrossFit Members:

$15 per class (drop-in)

$50 per month (month to month, as many Yoga Classes as you want to attend)