Juice Detoxes are Dead

Published May 1, 2016

“To say that drinking juice detoxifies the body isn’t quite the same as claiming leeches suck out poisons, but it’s fairly close.”


It’s nearly summer time which means the interest, and therefore marketing, for quick weight loss solutions are on the rise.  One of the more popular methods is a juice cleanse/detox.  I’ve written about my strong distaste for this method given the lack of science…and common sense…involved in these detox schemes. 

There was a recent article in The New York Times highlighting the misconceptions about juicing through an interview with a gastroenterologist, Dr. Grendell.  Dr. Grendell emphasized that there is no scientific evidence that a juice cleanse, or any food, can remove toxins.

I highly suggest you check out this short, more entertaining article covering the NYT interview for more information.

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