"As Rx'd" & The Cookie Cutter Fitness Dilemma

Published April 12, 2016

Fine words, from the awesome Freddy Camacho of CrossFit One World - We run P3 CrossFit with the exact same thought process... 

Greg Glassman is the founder of CrossFit. He was once asked how he came up with the workloads/rounds/times for workouts. In other words, how did he come up with what we all know as  “RX’d” (as precribed)? Glassman stated that he created workouts that were meant to give a 185# fit male a really ass kicking workout. All the original named workouts followed this guideline. Eventually, everyone started using 66% of the male’s RX'd as RX'd for women.

When I started CrossFit back in early 2006, I was a fairly fit 185# male. I really enjoyed the workouts, and I took to them well. The workload was perfect for me. What about now? I’m 46 years old and now weigh 195#. I’m still doing the workouts as prescribed, but I am definitely slower than I was a few years ago. Plus, as the talent pool has gotten bigger, the RX'd weights/times/rounds for workouts have also increased, especially at CrossFit competitions. Eventually, I will have to scale back my workouts.

What about you? I am pretty sure that everyone reading this blog is not "a 185# fit male." Are you bigger, smaller, overweight, out of shape, older, inflexible, have old injuries, etc??? An "RX'd" cookie cutter program can’t work for everyone, at least not in the sense that I would stare you in the face and tell you the goal of our programming is to get EVERYONE to do the workouts "RX'd." Everyone being hung up on doing workouts "RX’d” has to realize that it is quite possible that you may never be able to do the workouts as they are written for the gym.  

In a perfect world, everyone would have a personal trainer and a personalized program that is laid out specifically for your abilities and goals. CrossFit as done in a group setting is not a perfect world, but we make it work. At One World, we offer group sessions and everyone does the same workout either “RX'd” or “scaled.” Scaling is very personal to each individual, and is nothing to be ashamed about. Scaling is what makes the program work for everyone. You will NEVER EVER hear a CrossFit One World trainer telling you that performing the workout “RX'd” is what really matters. You will NEVER EVER see a CrossFit One World trainer trying to get a person to do a workout “RX'd” when the person clearly has no business attempting the workout that way. 

Of course, there is a flip side to this. There is a big sticker on the door when you walk up to One World:


The saying works for everything we do at One World Self Defense and Fitness, but I often think that some of you CrossFitters forget about it the moment you pass that door and walk out onto the training floor. Clearly, if you can’t do something correct or safe, you need to scale it until you can do it correct and safe. If a trainer happens to see you trying to lift a load that is out of your league and tells you, "That's too heavy for you", you should probably listen to what he/she has to say. 99% of the time, they are right. Don't let your ego coach you. Let your coach be your coach. Isn't that what you pay monthly fees for?

The beauty of what we do at One World is we try and make the workout accessible for everyone no matter what their physical capabilities. Over the years we have lost many good members because they got frustrated that they couldn’t do things that better athletes were doing, or they got injured trying to do things that better athletes were doing. Some people get frustrated because they feel like they will never be able to do a workout “as prescribed.

Training is about you, not the result you post on the dryerase board. The workouts are just a little part of the big picture that gets you results when you are training to not suck at life. If you want to be proud about something that means a lot more than writing “RX’d” next to your name in a workout, be proud of the accomplishments you write on the monthly “PR” board. The stuff on there is the real telltale sign of how hard you are training:IMG_1082

"RX"d" is awesome, but you may not get there when it comes to the daily programming at One World. Don't make "RX'd" the end goal. Make it a goal to get on the monthly PR board. EVERYONE should have their name on that board.

Work at being a little better than you were yesterday. If you do that, you will truly be "As RX'd" because that is the goal of CrossFit One World programming.


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