Get the Kiddos Involved!

Published March 24, 2016

Every once in a while we’re approached for help regarding your kiddos and healthy eating.  We’ve posted a few articles in the past on this which have focused around three main concepts: keep it simple, stick with foods they like, and get them involved. 

In trying to get our kiddos more interested in fruits and vegetables, we often stress ourselves out trying to be crazy creative and neglect the simple, effective ideas right under our noses! 

Ladies and Gents-I present you with the Lettuce Wrap Bar.

Does it meet our kid approved trifecta criteria?

  • It’s simple
  • You can easily incorporate foods they like
  • It allows the kids to assemble their own meal


  • Pick a protein and prepare it in a method your children enjoy
  • Lay out the romaine or Boston/butter/bib lettuce leaves for easy assembly
  • Lay out small dishes of various vegetables and fruits, diced
    • The majority of options should be ones your kids enjoy
    • Pro Tip-For new vegetables, dice them in small chunks so they are more willing to try a little bit
  • Kids love color! Add as much color to the meal as possible
  • Let them loose!

Need inspiration? Check here for more lettuce wrap ideas!

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