Winter Wonderland-I wonder where my abs went?

Published December 29, 2015

As the year comes to a close, you may have noticed a few pounds gained in the belly area.  Was it all those cookies, the alcohol, or the lack of movement off the couch?  Well, it was probably a combination of all those things and more. If you want to drop those extra pounds before the weather warms and you can’t hide behind baggy clothing anymore, follow these simple tips to come out of that holiday food coma. 

Challenge Yourself and Be Social!

Changing health behaviors are much easier with social support.  There are plenty of challenges that start around the New Year.  The Whole Life Challenge starts January 16th, the Whole 30 starts January 1st, and you can get a group together to do The 21-Day Sugar Detox.        

Ditch the sugars, sweeteners, and desserts

Cut out sugars and sweeteners completely from your diet.  You’ve eaten way too many sweets this Christmas, and you know it.  Whole fruit serves well as a healthy dessert alternative, but don’t go crazy.     

Limit the booze

Alcohol consumption goes up during the holidays, which leads to more calories consumed and a plethora of negative effects on the body and weight loss when consumed in excess.  If you’re serious about dropping those holiday pounds, severely limit alcohol.

Watch your calories

Everyone overeats during the holidays, but don’t sustain this caloric load post holiday.  Calorie restriction works.  If you are looking to drop your holiday weight gain, emphasis should be placed on the types and quality of food, but calories should not be completely ignored.  The tricky part is fine tuning it so you are fueled for your workouts yet still in a calorie deficit.  A 500-calorie deficit is often the starting place for fat loss for 1lb per week.  This 500-calorie deficit should be a subtraction from your approximate daily energy expenditure.  Here is a calculator which can used to calculate your energy expenditure and provides you with the number of daily calories to consume to lose weight (it subtracts the 500 for you!).  I would guess most people at P3 are moderately active.  


Be active every day.  Get back into a sustainable routine at P3 CrossFit.  Do a short workout at home on the days you can’t make it to the gym.  There are plenty of workouts you can do in your home with little to no equipment required, just ask your coaches for help!

Listen to Greg

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”  Greg Glassman


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