You’ve decided you want to get into the best shape of your life – fantastic!

The greatest aspect of P3 CrossFit's training program is how we initiate and integrate each individual athlete into our system. This isn't a one-sized fits all Foundations program at inconvenient times... Every aspect of your training is specifically designed for you. 

This is a calculated, efficient and highly individualized program designed to take you and your fitness to the next level. We have the template; we have the accountability that what you desperately need... but how does it all work?


STEP 1 - Your First Day!

Call us to schedule your Introductory Consultation. This session is dedicated entirely to YOU! 

In order for you to succeed we need to know what makes you tick... This is the start of your transformation journey. Beginning and establishing a strong relationship with your Coach (who will work with you from day one and every day after) is how we ensure you will always get the most out of your training.

During this session you and your Coach will decide if our program is a good, mutual fit and we will answer all of your questions about P3 CrossFit. 


STEP 2 - Your Training Begins!

Now for the real fun... It's time to start your training!

Before jumping into our group classes, your Coach will work with you 1-on-1, leading your through our Fundamentals for Success program. Even the most seasoned CrossFitters will discover that they have elements of their training to work on. 

Let us be clear though, this is not a one-sized fits all program. There is no super secret cookie cutter program that is going to magically bring all athletes up to the same level... This is highly specialized and tailored program for you.

During these training sessions your coach will work with you on movement progressions specific to you and discuss philosophy on scaling workouts to ensure you reach your goals. We will also work with you on optimizing your nutrition and aggressively address your mobility/flexibility shortcomings to aid in injury prevention.

These sessions are CRITICAL to your long-term training success.

We want you to join our group classes confident and with an accurate understanding of your abilities to maximize your training time in the gym.


STEP 3 - Training For Life

Upon the completion of our Fundamentals for Success program you will have the option to join our group classes... But don't worry your Coach will never be far away!

All of our memberships include 1-on-1 training time with your Coach. This ensures you are always continuing to make progress and don't fall of the wagon. This consistent and dedicated time to your success is what is missing from so many other fitness programs. This single aspect of maintaining your training relationship with your Coach has proven it's self time and time again to help you continue to succeed. The accountability we provide to you allows you to constantly move towards your goals... which might sound a bit intimidating to some of you, but it's what makes P3 CrossFit so amazing.

In our group classes you will work alongside like-minded individuals that are on a similar path of making a lifelong change to their health and fitness. If you are ready to become the greatest version of yourself give us a call and lets get started!


If you are ready to make real change in your life call us and lets chat about how we can help you 832-314-6877!