Published December 5, 2014

John McPherson

CCFC - CF-L4 Coach
Certified CrossFit Coach
P3 CrossFit's Head Trainer and Owner

John McPherson CF-L4 Trainer john@p3crossfit.com

John first discovered and experienced CrossFit in 2004 while serving in the U.S. Army and instantly fell in love with it. CrossFit has been his sole and principal strength and conditioning program for 14 years and credits CrossFit with keeping him injury free and healthy since retiring from the military.

His passion for fitness began at a young age excelling in baseball and swimming. While also playing a variety of sports over the years, including, soccer, basketball, aggresive in-line skating, rugby, track and field and competitive shooting.

After leaving the military in 2007, John started teaching CrossFit in Houston to anyone and everyone that was interested. In about a year the program out grew his tiny rented space inside of a "globo gym" and forced him to outfit a top-tier functional fitness gym dedicated to CrossFit in 2009.

His goal was to share the amazing CrossFit methodology with everyone that desired a change in their life and was tired of the same old gym routine... and BOOM! - P3 CrossFit was born.

John is the ONLY Level 4 CrossFit Coach in Houston (1 of 2 in all of Texas - and 1 of 72 in the US) and can help you reach your goals no matter how big or small. Give him a call and come check out all that P3 has to offer you.

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